Remote Region in China Tries to Set Clean-Power Record

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Remote Region in China Tries to Set Clean-Power Record

[...] grids were further expanded and strengthened” last year, general manager Qi Taiyuan said in a statement. The move will “create a new exampl

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[…] grids were further expanded and strengthened” last year, general manager Qi Taiyuan said in a statement. The move will “create a new example of energy transition in Qinghai.”

China is trying to boost its renewable power consumption while easing reliance on coal and curbing pollution. Measures include setting mandatory targets for clean energy use and reducing solar and wind power […] clean power use reached 78% of total energy consumption last year, up 13 percentage points the year before, according to the National Energy Administration.

‘Extreme Circumstances’

The Qinghai move is “like a stress test,” said Tian Miao, an analyst at Everbright Sun Hung Kai Co. in Beijing. “It wants to see how an increase in solar and wind power use […] us at

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A pact this year between the world’s two largest economies the bank’s base case will likely lead to large Chinese purchases of American LNG, which would help shrink the U.S. trade deficit, it said in a report. This would help boost […] megawatt-hour in the hour ended 11 a.m., the highest

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The People’s Bank of China set its daily reference rate for the currency at higher than market watchers expected for a 10th straight day on Wednesday, the longest run since September. The strong […] prices rose 26.7% in May. NBS data also showed consumer prices were unchanged April, indicating stabilizing inflation pressuresFood prices rose 7.7% a year ago, contributing 1.48 percentage points

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The former foreign secretary is the favorite of the 10 candidates to succeed Theresa May, and the one who has said by far the least about how he would tackle the biggest problem that the […] time when MPs fear a general election, he will tell them that he knows how to win it.

The financial conglomerate, which only offered its first ETF in late 2017, is targeting the less-developed market for bond ETFs as vehicles that track broad indexes become more competitive given the dominance of large funds that were launched by local managers as early […] Carl Heastie said in a joint statement. “For too long, power has been tilted in favor of landlords and these measures finally restore equity and extend protections

The expected value is up the $7.1 billion in its last private funding round in August. It’s similar to the company’s share sales on the private market, where in April investors were snapping […] will build new plants as part of a project to construct integrated manufacturing complexes in the country, the company said in an emailed statement, without giving a schedule. The group is bullish on the long-term prospects for China and is confident that animal meal demand will

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Hong Kong shares declined, while equities rose in Australia and were flat in Korea and Japan. The […]